Jacked-In Meta-verse

The JackedIn Metaverse is the only one tailored to music Artists and their Fans. Artists can HOST their events in unique locations and entertain the Fans with special effects typical of a real stage (lights, smoke, fireworks, etc...). Fans discover a new way of interacting with their Artists and Fans alike. The JackedIn Metaverse has no intent of replacing physical events, it's simply a new way to feel the Music like never before. Download the app for your VR headset to HOST or JOIN Metaverse Events! But first, be sure to own the right NFTs!

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends. Experience it in a new way with JackedIn Events.

Soon the JackedIn Metaverse VR complete app will be available for download on this page, stay tuned!

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The JackedIn Metaverse VR app is almost ready


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