What is Jacked-In Events?

The Metaverse

JackedIn Events is the only Metaverse tailored to music Artists and their Fans.
Artists can HOST their events in unique locations and entertain the Fans with special effects typical of a real stage (lights, smoke, fireworks, etc...). Fans discover a new way of interacting with their Artists and Fans alike. The JackedIn Metaverse has no intent of replacing physical events, it's simply a new way to feel the Music like never before. Download the app for your VR headset to HOST or JOIN Metaverse Events! But first, be sure to own the right NFTs!

The Marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique and secure virtual assets on the blockchain. To get started in the JackedIn Metaverse, own your NFTs: an NFT AVATAR to show yourself, a NFT LOCATION to HOST an event or a NFT TICKET to JOIN one.

The Artist
  • Get the best NFT LOCATION

  • Choose a unique NFT AVATAR

  • Sell or give away free NFT TICKETS

  • Get ready to HOST in the METAVERSE
The Fan
  • Choose a unique NFT AVATAR

  • Buy or get free NFT TICKETS

  • Get ready to JOIN the METAVERSE

See you in the next JackedIn Event!